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We are a group of companies that focuses on a wide range of departments including information technology consulting, constructing services -such as building constructions-, real estate and marine services, located in Greece.

Our consulting team focus on advising businesses on how they can use information technology in an optimum and effective way so they can meet their business goals or objectives, in order to satisfy businesses' needs wants and demands, our IT consultancy often implements, deploys, and administers IT systems on businesses' behalf or Outsourcing

We offer solutions:

  •        Networks Administration
  •        Server Administration
  •        Technical Support
  •        IT Expert help desk
  •        Networks Security Solutions

We focus on solving technical problems, help businesses manage their business processes using information technology and finally offer suggestions or better yet solutions on strategic matters.

We are independent consultants, who function as contractors, or as subcontractors in our own right. We act as professionals with good communication skills and strong decision making process.